Stip-kinderfietsen, Lightweight children’s bicycles

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Lightweight children’s bicycles

A lightweight children’s bike is better.

As a Cesar therapist I have worked for more than 25 years in my practice, at the university and in various institutions. My specialization is to find a good posture in various situations, such as the working posture of the dentist (research at the university), the posture of the musician, the posture behind the computer and so on. In my practice I worked a lot with children. After my retirement I combine my love for cycling and my knowledge as a Cesar exercise therapist to find the perfect bike for children.

For more information, see the info and blogs.

For current webshop numbers, see the Dutch webshop. The website is for the convenience of English speakers and you cannot buy from England from the website. The webshop is only for Germany, Belgium and France. If you want to buy from another country: please send me an e-mail.

Customers say:

Hi Cornélie, I am very enthusiastic about the Woom. Just drove an ATB route of 20 km together with my 7 year old daughter Lina. Top bike. Have viewed several bicycles for her in various price ranges. The low weight and simplicity of the Woom have been decisive. My daughter loves to tear it up. Especially since she always drives the mom and dad’s e-bike out, which is limited to 25 km / h. Greetings, Jorn.

Hi Cornélie, Thank you very much for your good telephone advice about the size, the Woom 3 is indeed perfect for our daughter. She is very happy with her new bike, thanks! Kind regards, Dorien.

I deliver to the entire eu, but also beyond. In that case please send me an e-mail what you want.


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Stip-kinderfietsen, lightweight children’s bikes.

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