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The best warm children’s bike clothing. The best winter children’s bike clothing.

The best warm children’s bike clothing. The best winter children’s bike clothing. The Opossum is made for … Lees verder

What is a great cycling position on a children’s bicycle?

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Why purchasing a Woombike?

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A bicycle makes a difference, especially in Africa. Will you contribute to this great initiative that has been mobilising people and providing employment for 15 years!


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How do we ship our bicycles?

Ordering online and brought to your doorstep.

You can already see the parcel delivery man arriving with a large box. We can only send that box economically if we pack the bike as small as possible. So you still have to do a few things yourself. Not difficult and fun!

The specialist in lightweight children’s bikes
To learn how to ride a bike easily, it is best to choose a lightweight children’s bike for your child because with such a bike it is much easier to maintain balance, speed and brakes. With bike weights of between 5 and 7 kilograms, your child can learn to ride a bike comfortably. Perhaps most importantly, your child will cycle easily and lightly, making it fun.

Especially for children
Short cranks, low weight and good (hand) brakes make it a joy to explore. Cycling in the city, in the polder or in hilly areas, with a bike from Stip Kinderfietsen your child can go anywhere!

How do I teach my child to cycle easily?
We often see that a child who has balance on a lightweight balance bike easily makes the transition to a lightweight pedal bike. This is because the balance is already developed by then and so he/she has already learned an important basis. Pedalling then generally takes some getting used to but he/she will quickly master it. Need help? Call the specialist in lightweight children’s bikes.

Getting used to it without pedals
If you have a first pedal bike, you could also choose to leave the pedals off. This way, your child can get used to the handlebars, the low weight and the brakes. Pedalling is postponed for a while but you will see that they enjoy it and that is the most important thing about learning to ride a bike!

Take a test drive?

You can do that outside at our store!

Want to check out and test ride a bike or pick up your ordered bike 100% assembled? Just let us know so we can best help you!

De beste kinderfiets is een lichtgewicht kinderfiets

Een gewone stalen Nederlandse fiets is zo’n 2/3 van het lichaamsgewicht van het kind. Een aluminium is fiets 1/3 van het lichaamsgewicht van het kind. Nederlandse fietsen van 16 inch wegen 12-15 kg voor een kind van 3- 5 jaar. Voor een volwassene van 75 kg is dat naar verhouding 50 kg. Dat weegt je fiets met bagage nog niet tijdens een kampeervakantie!

Zo’n zware fiets heeft je kind slecht onder controle en sleurt je kind dan makkelijker mee in de val. Ze zijn onveilig.

Met een lichtgewicht fiets kan je kind grotere afstanden rijden, stapt makkelijker op, start sneller, kan harder fietsen en makkelijker een heuvel op.



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