Buy children’s bicycle online

What should you pay attention to when buying a bicycle online? It is important to test drive, but that sometimes fails. So then you better buy online. 1. The size. … Lees verder

Why purchasing a Woombike?

  Woombike builds super-light children’s bicycles for children from eighteen months to fourteen years. 90% of the parts are produced exclusively for Woom Christian Bezdeka, Marcus Ihlenfeld (two cycling fathers) … Lees verder

Woom helm bij Stip-kinderfietsen

Why a lightweight children’s bike?

A normal steel Dutch bicycle is about 2/3 of the child’s body weight. An aluminum bicycle is 1/3 of the child’s body weight. Dutch bicycles of 16 inches weigh 12-15 … Lees verder

buy children’s bike

Buying a children’s bicycle   What should you pay attention to if you want to buy a children’s bicycle? Small cranks, on most bikes there are too long cranks. If … Lees verder

About Frog bikes Kids bikeshop Stip-kinderfietsen

About Frog bikes

About Frog bikes Jerry & Shelley Lawson parents of two children did not find one good children’s bicycle on the market, so they started developing children’s bicycles themselves. In collaboration … Lees verder

Why buy a Frog bike?

Why buy a Frog bike?

The advantages. 1. The light weight. 2. Scientifically supported children’s bicycle attitude. 3. Trendy colors and beautiful designs. With a Frog bike your child can be seen on the schoolyard. … Lees verder

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