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Practical information

Can I make a testride?

Yes, that’s possible. Please let us know when you would like to come so we can plan this and make sure we have your desired product ready for a ride.

Why choose a lightweight bike?

The bikes of Stip children’s bikes have a balanced children’s geometry. All parts are made for children: Small cranks, small handles, small brake levers, which are adjustable to the child’s hand size, small saddles and what I find most important is that the bicycles are as light as possible. Thanks to the good geometry and light weight, the child cycles more stable and the child has better control of the bicycle. They therefore fall less hard

Why handbrakes?

Kinderen kunnen een gestarte beweging niet snel genoeg onderbreken: Als ze vooruit trappen, is terugtrappen een tegenoverstelde beweging. In geval van nood reageren de handen sneller! Dit resulteert in een “taakverdeling”: De voeten zijn er voor voortbeweging en de handen zijn voor sturen, bellen en remmen!

Op onze fietsen zitten kinderremgrepen ( Woombikes en Frogbikes), die allemaal op kinderhandgrootte verstelbaar zijn. Let er op dat de handvatten niet te groot zijn, kleine kinderhandjes kunnen dan moeilijker bij de remgrepen.  Als de handvatten klein zijn, heeft je kind meer grip op het stuur en kan hij beter bij de remgrepen. Woom en Frogbikes hebben de kleinste handvatten.

Training wheels, yes or no?

Children can not interrupt a started movement quickly enough: If they kick ahead, retraction is an opposite movement. In case of emergency the hands react faster! This results in a “task distribution”: the feet are there for locomotion and the hands are for steering, calling and braking!
On our bikes there are child restraints (Woombikes and Frogbikes), which are all adjustable to children’s size. Make sure that the handles are not too big, small children’s hands can be more difficult with the brake levers. If the handles are small, your child has more grip on the handlebars and he is better at the brake levers. Woom and Frogbikes have the smallest handles.

My order

How long does shipment take?

You can order online of course. But only whan we have actual stock. After receiving your order it will take about a day to arrange shipment and depending ont the destination up to 4 days in Europe.

How do I recieve my bicycle at my doorstep?

Due to the fact that we need to ship in small boxes, we can not assemble your bicycle 100%
You have to:
  • Open the box and remove all packaging materials.
  • Mounting the steer.
  • Mounting the pedals.
  • On some models you need to place the frontwheel and adjust the front brake.
  • The saddle needs to be adjusted to the right height.
  • Double check if everything is correctly placed and tightned.
  • Mounting accessories such as carriers, kickstands and lighting.

Can I track my shipment?

After your shipment has left here, you will receive a Tracking eamil so you can follow the package.

Can I order multiple bicycles for my company?

For b2b we can offer you special possibilities. Please contact us so we can find out what we can do for you.

Payment and surcharges

You can pay easy and safe in our webshop. Please note that you might have to pay surcharges when using creditcard and/or Paypal.


What framesize do I need?

A lightweight bicycle is safer. Children and especially small children do not yet have such a good balance and they do not have such strong muscles compared to an adult.

An ordinary steel Dutch bicycle is about 2/3 of the body weight of the child. An aluminum bicycle is 1/3 of the child’s body weight. Dutch 16 inch bicycles weigh 12-15 kg for a child aged 3-5 years. For an adult weighing 75 kg, this is proportionally 50 kg. Your bike with luggage does not weigh that during a camping holiday!

Such a steel bicycle is difficult for your child to control and then more easily traps your child. They are unsafe.

With a lightweight bicycle your child can ride longer distances, gets on more easily, starts faster, can cycle faster and more easily up a hill.

The Woom children’s bicycle 16 inches weighs 5.7 kg. A Frog bike weighs 6.75 kg.

In general, the proportions are also good with the lightweight bikes. Such as small handles and small brake levers, so that the little fingers can easily reach the brakes. Short cranks, small saddles and a not too wide handlebar.


Measurements bicycles

Om de juiste maat kinderfiets te bepalen houden wij onderstaande tabel aan. Let op, dit is een gemiddelde voor kinderen.

Minimale binnenbeen lengte Leeftijd Wielmaat Framemaat
32cm 1 tot 3 jaar 12″ 4″
38cm 3 tot 4 jaar 14″ 9″
43cm 3 tot 4 jaar 14″ 9″
48cm 4 tot 5 jaar 16″ 9.5″
52cm 5 tot 6 jaar 20″ 10″
55cm 6 tot 7 jaar 20″ 11″
62cm 8 tot 10 jaar 24″ 12″
69cm 10 tot 12 jaar 26″ 14″
73cm 12 tot 14 jaar 26″ 16″
58cm 6 tot 7 jaar 20″ 11″
67cm 8 tot 12 jaar 24″ 14″
70cm 11 tot 14 jaar 26″ 17″

Measurements for helmets

Meet de omtrek van het hoofd 2 cm boven de wenkbrauwen. De omtrek van het hoofd moet overeenkomen met de maat van de fietshelm.
XS is ongeveer 46-53 cm
S   is ongeveer 52-58 cm
M is ongeveer 56-60cm
L is ongeveer 60-64 cm

Woom instruction video’s

Woom instruction videos

You might need to do final assembly or repairs. Please check the instruction videos of our Woom bikes.


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