Why buy a Frog bike?

The advantages.

1. The light weight. 2. Scientifically supported children’s bicycle attitude. 3. Trendy colors and beautiful designs. With a Frog bike your child can be seen on the schoolyard. 4. Also suitable for longer trips and as a holiday bike with its 8 gears. 5. You will get a few MTB tires to make a nice cross. 6. Every detail is aimed at making cycling for children pleasant and comfortable. The light weight, short cranks, small efficient Q-factor, small saddles, brakes that can be adjusted to child’s hand size. They are easy and easy to operate. Small handles. 7. Quick release seat post for easy adjustment of the saddle height. 8. A nice bike that is comfortable, easy to operate, easy to lift yourself, a bike that super light pedals, easier start and can easily go up a hill. 9. Your child enjoys cycling. https://stip-kinderfietsen.nl/the-best-childrens-bike-is-a-lightweight-bike/?lang=en https://stip-kinderfietsen.nl/why-do-not-you-need-any-side-wheels/?lang=en

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