About Frog bikes

About Frog bikes

Jerry & Shelley Lawson parents of two children did not find one good children’s bicycle on the market, so they started developing children’s bicycles themselves. In collaboration with Brunel University they have worked out the best children’s bike geometry in detail.

Every detail is aimed at making cycling for children pleasant and comfortable. The light weight, short cranks, small saddles, brake levers that can be adjusted to child’s hand size and small handles.

Frog bikes are not reduced bikes for adults, because children are not miniature adults. At Frog they go out of the child and the children’s bicycles are tailored to the anatomy of the child.

From the age of 2 ½ years the real early birds can already cycle, with an inseam from 40 cm, on a Frog 43. Most children start with me on a Frog 48 from the age of 3 ½ years.

From the age of 6 years, 20 inches, the Frog bikes have 8 gears.

I hear from children in Nijmegen that they hated cycling because Nijmegen was built on hills. (The only city in the Netherlands built on hills.) The hills mainly from Berg and Dal to Ubbergen, where a school is just too heavy to climb up. Since the parents bought a Frogbike, they simply cycle to school and back with pleasure. Also in Rhenen there are many Frogbikes with the Grebbeberg as an obstacle. In a slight acceleration it succeeds and is every day a tough victory.

The cycling position of the Frogbike is the attitude of that on a mountain bike. A sporty attitude. In a sporty mountain bike position you can put more power on the pedals. If the child thinks that more upright bikes are finer, the stem can be extended with an extra component.

Most Frogmates are available in 8 colors or designs.

Frogbikes are supplied with mudguards and a bell. You can also purchase a standard, baggage rack, lock or lighting.

Many of my customers come from very far. That is worth the effort (literally), because you know for sure that you can make the right choice. It is a lot of money and effort, but you will get even more cycling pleasure in return.

The Frogbikes can also be purchased online. If you are in doubt or want advice, do not hesitate to call me. T. 0031 616408290.

I have my shop in the beautiful Dutch Bicycle Center. The hotspot for the bike enthusiast. We have nice coffee or tea. Behind the DBC are very nice restaurants to refuel or wait if the bike still needs to be assembled.


Frogbikes bij Stip-kinderfietsen, kinderfietsenwinkel in Nijmegen


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