buy children’s bike

Buying a children’s bicycle

  What should you pay attention to if you want to buy a children’s bicycle? Small cranks, on most bikes there are too long cranks. If the cranks are too long, the knees rise above hip height and that is too heavy. Too heavy for the knee joints and the muscles. Here you can read more about cranks: The small Q factor. The width distance between the determination. If the cranks are too large, the Q-factor is certainly too big, because they have not thought about that. Small handles. Small brake handles, which are adjustable to the child’s hand size. The safest brakes are hand brakes. Children can not interrupt a started movement quickly enough. Small saddles, on most children’s bikes are too big saddles. Ordinary battery lights, which are not as heavy as alternators and hub dynamos. Children prefer to sit upright. What I find most important is that the bikes are as light as possible. A child must be able to lift the bicycle himself. The bike is safer due to good geometry and light weight.

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