Why do not you need any side wheels?

Le meilleur vélo pour enfants est un vélo léger.

Why do not you need any side wheels?

Your child does not learn to cycle earlier with side wheels. It is also so heavy that cycling is really not nice. You do not practice balance with cycling wheels, so you do not actually learn anything. If your child has a good balance on a walking bike, can take speed and can keep the feet off the ground, it is normally up to a pedal bike, so he has sufficient skills. Pedal bikes are available from 14 inch from the brand Woombikes and Frogbikes.
Children can learn to ride with a practice jacket very easily and safely (a children’s jacket with handle).
If they are used to a balance bike, we usually have children learn to cycle in 10 minutes. In fact, they get on and usually just drive away, because the bike is so light.
On the picture you can see that I have removed the pedals. Then the girl could get used to the bike and use him as a balance bike. That is also a good idea, the parents thought.


Zie op het filmpje hoe lastig zijwieltjes kunnen zijn.


Lukt het nog niet om te fietsen, is de fiets misschien gewoon te zwaar. Meer daarover in het volgend hoofdstukje. https://stip-kinderfietsen.nl/waarom-een-lichtgewicht-fiets/


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