The best children’s bike is a lightweight children’s bike.

The best children’s bicycle is a lightweight children’s bicycle.

A lightweight bicycle is safer. Children and especially small children do not yet have such a good balance and they do not have such strong muscles compared to an adult.

An ordinary steel Dutch bicycle is about 2/3 of the body weight of the child. An aluminum bicycle is 1/3 of the child’s body weight. Dutch 16 inch bicycles weigh 12-15 kg for a child aged 3-5 years. For an adult weighing 75 kg, this is proportionally 50 kg. Your bike with luggage does not weigh that during a camping holiday!

Such a steel bicycle is difficult for your child to control and then more easily traps your child. They are unsafe.

With a lightweight bicycle your child can ride longer distances, gets on more easily, starts faster, can cycle faster and more easily up a hill.

The Woom children’s bicycle 16 inches weighs 5.7 kg. A Frog bike weighs 6.75 kg.

In general, the proportions are also good with the lightweight bikes. Such as small handles and small brake levers, so that the little fingers can easily reach the brakes. Short cranks, small saddles and a not too wide handlebar.



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