How do you determine the size of a children’s bike?

How do you determine the bicycle size of your children’s bicycle?
How do you determine the bicycle size of a children’s bicycle?

In practice it appears that the bicycle size sometimes turns out to be large or small, therefore we recommend that you take the inside leg length as a size. This differs for children with the same height. The table below measures the inside leg length and that is how we measure in the store. You measure the size on your socks and your feet against the wall. Then place a narrow book between the child’s legs, place the book as high as is still comfortable. See picture below the table. Measure the height from the top of the book to the floor.

Minimum inside leg length age Wheel size Frame size
Tadpole Mini 24cm 1-2 10″
Tadpole, Woom 1 31cm (12″) 2-3 12″
Tadpole Plus 38cm (15″) 3-4 14″
Frog 43, Woom 2 43cm (17″) 3-4 14″ 9″
Frog 48, Woom 3 48cm (19″) 4-5 16″ 9.5″
Frog 52s 52cm 5-6 20″ 10″
Frog 52 Woom 4 52cm (20″) 5-6 20″ 10″
Frog 55 Woom 4 55cm (22″) 6-7 20″ 11″
Frog 62 Woom 5 62cm (24″) 8-10 24″ 12″
Frog 69 Woom 6 69cm (27″) 10-12 26″ 14″
Frog 73 Woom 6 73cm (29″) 12-14 26″ 16″



When your child starts cycling, he or she must be able to put his feet flat on the floor. That cycles somewhat heavier, but there is no other solution for that. If your child has mastered cycling well and gets off the saddle when he gets off, you can raise the saddle. You test that by having the child make an emergency stop near you, if he does not control it, you can take care of him. This is how we test it on the test drive.

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