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As a Cesar remedial therapist I have worked for more than 25 years in my practice, at the university and in various institutions. My specialization is to find a good posture in various situations, such as the working posture of the dentist (research at the university), the posture of the musician, the posture behind the computer and so on. In my practice I worked a lot with children. After my retirement I combine my love for cycling and my knowledge as a Cesar exercise therapist to find the best and safest bike for children.

The perfect children’s bike.

The bikes of Stip children’s bikes have a balanced children’s geometry. All parts are made for children: Small cranks, small handles, small brake levers, which are adjustable to the child’s hand size, small saddles and what I find most important is that the bicycles are as light as possible. Thanks to the good geometry and light weight, the child cycles more stable and the child has better control of the bicycle. They therefore fall less hard





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