Why buy a Woombike?

The Wooms weigh 60% less than the Dutch brand bicycles. For a 3 1/2 year old child, the bicycle weighs 5.3 kg, while the Dutch bicycles weigh 12-15 kg. That is even heavier than a good mountain bike.

Every detail of the bike has been considered and thought out for the final end result.

Children learn to ride faster on a lightweight bicycle. Most children learn to cycle with us within 10 minutes.

The chain guide protects your pants.

The easy-to-operate rotary handle of the gear shifts smoothly.

The Woomfiets has 8 gears from 20 inches.

Available in bright 5 colors.

Woom is available in 7 sizes from 1 1/2 years to 14 years.

With a lightweight bicycle your child can ride longer distances, get on and off more safely, start faster, can cycle faster and go up a hill more easily.

from England from the website. The webshop is only for Germany, Belgium and France. If you want to buy from another country: please send me an e-mail.    

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