Woom Bikes are not just children’s bicycles, they are completely tailored to the specific needs of the young cyclist. What makes a Woom bike the bike for your son or daughter? What is special about this children’s bike? Why should you buy a Woom bike and what age are Woom bikes for? We are happy to explain it to you below !

Why a Woom Bike?

A bicycle is a bicycle… nothing could be further from the truth. It does matter how a bicycle is designed whether it suits the cyclist and what it will be used for. This applies just as much to children’s bicycles. Children grow quickly and so a bicycle will have to be properly adapted to this. After all, the right size is important not only to get the hang of cycling properly, but also to be able to cycle safely. A Woom Bike comes in many different sizes, so that is no problem at all. In addition, this wonderful bike is also super light and is completely tailored to the anatomy of the child. In other words: a Woom Bike is ideal for a correct cycling position.

The Woom Bikes from Stip-Kinderf Fietsen: children don't want anything else anymore!

The advantages of a Woom Children’s Bicycle at a glance

It goes without saying that there are many more advantages to mention. Briefly the advantages of Woom Bikes at a glance:

. Lightweight, which means:
. you learn to cycle faster
. you can cycle longer distances
. you can get on and off more safely
. you can cycle up a slope more easily
less likely to be caught in a trap, because you master the bike.
. The chain guide protects your pants
. Tailored to the anatomy of the child
. The easy-to-operate rotary handle of the gear shifts smoothly

. 8 gears from 20 inches
. Available in 5 bright colors
. Available in 7 sizes
. Adapted in such a way that the child can not only cycle well, but can also ‘play’ with it! So into the forest, for example, off the paths!

Woom Children’s bicycles compared to other children’s bicycles

The Woom children’s bicycles are lightweight children’s bicycles and no less than 60% lighter than bicycles made in the Netherlands. A bit strange actually, a Dutch children’s bicycle for a child of 3.5 years weighs between 12 and 15 kg. A good mountain bike weighs even less! So why would you say your kind? A bicycle for a species of about 3.5 years is only 5.3 kg at Woom! That makes it obvious that your species rides much faster and safer on a Woom Bike! In addition, every detail of these children’s bicycles has been thought about so that everything is completely tailored to children in their anatomy. Very healthy!

Woom Bikes, the perfect children’s bike for ages 1.5 to 14 years

Buying a Woom Bike children’s bicycle is choosing the best option for your young cyclist. Fully focused on children and their specific wishes. Which of course also differs per age group. If you choose a Woom bicycle, you choose quality, both in design and materials!

Explanation video to determine the size of your Woom Children's Bicycle

Table for determining frame size

Soort fiets Minimale binnenbeenlengte leeftijd wielmaat Frame maat
loopfiets Frog en Woom1, wishbonebike 32 1+-3 12″ 4″
loopfiets Frog en Earlyrider seeker 38 3-4 14″
Frog 43 Woom 2 43 3-4 14″ 9″
Frog 48, en Woom 3, Early rider 16 inch 48 4-5 16″ 9.5″
Frog 52 52 5-6 20″ 10″
Frog 55 en Woom 4 55 6-7 20″ 11″
Frog 62 en Woom 5 62 8-10 24″ 12″
Frog 69 69 10-12 26″ 14″
Frog 73 en Woom 6 73 12-14 26″ 16″
Frog baan- of racefiets 58 58 6-7 20″ 11″
Frog baan- of racefiets 67 67 8-12 24″ 14″
Frog baan- of racefiets 70 70 11-14 26″ 17″

What is behind the name Woom Bikes? Woom Bikes is a young and ambitious company from Austria. Under the smoke of Vienna, two young fathers started the search for the perfect children’s bicycle for their children. This created Woom Bikes. Fathers Christian Bezdeka and Marcus Ilhlenfled turned their search into a passion that translated into the creation of Woom Bikes. Always looking for the best possibilities to make bicycles for children as attractive as possible and as healthy as possible. So safety, but also the stimulation of a perfect posture so that the body is burdened as little as possible. The fathers now have a team behind them and together they produce 1 of the lightest children’s bicycles with all the advantages that come with it. ⇒ Website manufacturer Woom Bikes

Some enthusiastic experiences with our Woom bikes

After the balance bike Woom and the Woom 3, we thought we could buy another bike. Our son picked one out and went for a trial ride. And said right; No, mommy I don’t want this one, it cycles too heavy! Oh okay. Then quickly order a Woom again. What a wonderful cycling. Our daughter is now moving on to my son’s Woom. (Jacqueline)

Woom 6 OFF Air

Dear Cornelie, What a fantastic bike the Woom 6 Off Air is! Solid parts, good geometry, easy to handle, light weight and a lot of fun on the terrain, we have years of cycling pleasure from this! And thanks for the great service! Woom OFF 6 Air one more time praise. The first time he drove better than the boys with more experience. And faster up a slope.

Both of my children learned to cycle on Woom from Stip Kinderf Fietsen. They are now a bit older and now ride on the 20 ″ and 24 ″. The Woom brand is great and the fact that I also bought the 2nd bikes from this store says enough. The service is fine! Arianne.

Hello Cornelie, Thanks for the smooth shipping, good service and great bike! She fell for it in no time (3 years and 3 months). Kind regards, We came to you in August and bought a beautiful Woom bike for our daughter. Because she couldn’t cycle without training wheels yet, you advised us to turn it into a balance bike first. This was the best advice we could get as she can ride a bike !! We wanted to let you know. Thanks !!

Hello Cornelie, Am very enthusiastic about the Woom. Just ridden an atb route of 20 km together with my 7-year-old daughter Lina. Top bike. Have looked at several bicycles for her in various price ranges. The weight and simplicity of the Woom has been decisive. My daughter loves to rip on it. Especially since she keeps riding Mom and Dad’s e-bike out, which is limited to 25 km / h. Regards, Jorn

More recencies;

Have a look at the page “Customer feedback” for all the nice photos and customer response we have recently received about our Woom Bikes.

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