How do I teach my child to cycle easily?

Bikybiky, a handy exercise jacket to teach children how to cycle.
I have previously written on my blog  that we have children in a quarter of an hour have learned to cycle. A bikybiky is an ideal tool. It is a practice jacket with a handle on the back. To close it with Velcro, behind with a click system. You can safely lift the child in and we let the child feel that he can not fall.
If your child has good coordination on a walking bike, can take speed and keep the feet off the ground, he can normally cycle. Then he has sufficient basic skills to cycle. We have children learn to bike with a bikybiky in 10 minutes.
When you are on the road with your child, you can easily hold it to push or if the child needs a little guidance.

Klik hier for a bikybiky.

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