Early Rider Seeker X 16 inch


De door de Seeker X16 geleverde upgrade zijn de Promax hydraulische schijven. Super soepele, lichte bediening met geweldige remkracht. Het wegnemen van de zorg voor breekpads op natte modderige velgen, betekent dat uw kind de paden met absoluut vertrouwen kan versnipperen, ongeacht de omstandigheden.



Early Rider Seeker X 16 inch


Go faster, handle harder, enjoy more.

Our remarkable Seeker X16 is about how best to support the ever increasing capability of our young riders. The tweaked geometry delivers stability on the downs and the most efficient position for driving the pedals on the ups. An all aluminium frame set of course, brand new Ritchey bars that provide more cockpit space, and the awesome, bump-soaking 2.25″ Vee Crown Gems running on our market leading, 4 cartridge bearing cassette hub.

The upgrade delivered by the Seeker X16 is the Promax hydraulic discs. Super smooth, light actuation with awesome braking power. Removing the concern of break pads on wet muddy rims, means your kid can shred the trails with absolute confidence no matter the conditions. Some will consider this bike to be overkill, but we think it’s about greater control at greater intensity.



Producing a bike that performs to inspire but at a justifiable cost is a balancing act when it may be enjoyed by your child for only a couple of years.  We work tirelessly to garner value with every penny we invest and where possible we only invest in value that can be retained. Our finish is brushed aluminium because it carries the scratches and dings beautifully. It’s gender neutral too, so it can be passed on to both boys and girls. We exceptionally rarely have new model years, preferring to refine instead so that when a bike is passed on it’s still current. We invest in weight saving components that others don’t (hollow axles, external cup bottom brackets, CNC’d aluminium hubs, butted tubes, cold forged cranks) as it allows us to use high performance and incredibly durable components that others won’t (cartridge bearings in all moving parts, our forged sliding drop outs, a 4-bearing cassette hub, an all aluminium drive train) and this is how we end up with bikes that are not only market leading by weight and by function, but also promise the durability that mean they can benefit the second or third owner as much as they did the first.


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16 inch 48 cm



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