Bericht van Woom: Betreft de Woom 4,5 en 6 met de nummers 1809 tot 1904

Dear woom dealers,

the safety of our woom biker is the most important thing for us. Therefore, you will receive a delivery with screws in the next few days.
For size 4, 5 and 6 (with a height adjustable stem / Vario Stem only), the steer tube may loosen on a few wheels of a given production line. However, this has happened so far only in extremely rare cases. Affected are productions with the number 1809 to 1904. This number can be found at the bottom of the bottom bracket.
Please attach this screw to every wheel of this production or, if possible, contact the customers who have already purchased this bike. Please also help woom owners who come to you and have not bought the bike from you. Thanks for that.
If an original woom fender is already mounted on the front wheel of the woom bikes, there is no need for action – the attached fender screw serves exactly the same purpose as the screw we send you.
Please note: This is a pure precaution with which we want to safely exclude any risk by a loosened steerer.
Here you find the detailed explanation:

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